Bluegrass Cellular

Bluegrass Cellular wanted to draw attention to some frightening statistics – approximately one in four youth are affected by cyberbullying and one in five teens falls victim to a text bully – and take action against this social scourge. Doe-Anderson was challenged with creating a “Mobile Safety” campaign focused on cyberbullying that would continue to establish Bluegrass Cellular as a thought-leader in its community while generating awareness and conversation on the topic in a positive way.

The Solution

Doe sought to encourage people to #ThinkBeforeYouType by designing uplifting, bright and engaging content that stood out from the crowd and promoted positivity online.

To generate awareness, engagement and conversation from Bluegrass Cellular’s social media audience, the local community and, most important, our target audience – high school teens – Doe implemented a strategy that hit on all touchpoints. It included a mix of social-media-boosted posts, in-store digital signage, in-store activation, posters, flyers, giveaway items and t-shirts, as well as media relations support. Doe also worked closely with Bluegrass Cellular to identify key influencers at the largest schools in its markets to help facilitate the conversation. To ensure an education component, Doe recommended a column contest for teenagers to discuss smartphone safety habits and how they relate to cyberbullying.

Social Media

To amplify the #ThinkBeforeYouType campaign, videos and images were promoted on Bluegrass Cellular’s social media platforms to inspire positive conversations and encourage kind words.

In-Store Activation

In addition to in-store flyers, posters and digital signage, conversation boards were displayed in each store so customers and employees could pledge to #ThinkBeforeYouType

The Results

“This is a very good idea! Your words might be what lifts someone’s day!” – Facebook user

“Barren County High School students participated in the challenge #thinkbeforeyoutype today during their lunch times. Thanks to everyone for thinking before you type. One positive word can make a huge difference in someone’s life.” – Facebook user

During the campaign month, paid social media posts garnered over 165,000 impressions, 2,200 engagements and over 300 new page likes. Along with these social results, the website saw a 43 percent increase in page views and time spent on page grew by 24 percent. Earned media outreach resulted in over 100,000 impressions.

As for the column contest, Bluegrass Cellular received over 500 entries from high schoolers in Central Kentucky. Three winners were awarded $1,000 and their columns were posted on Bluegrass Cellular’s website.

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