The Challenge: "Red State" Kentucky voted overwhelmingly against Obama in 2012. Selling "Obamacare" was going to be a BIG challenge here in the Bluegrass.


The Solution

Our statewide research uncovered that although Kentuckians were against Obamacare, they were in favor of quality, affordable health coverage.

After developing the simple, approachable kynect brand name, we then implemented a statewide initiative aimed at educating Kentuckians on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act at a truly grassroots level. By researching, scheduling and executing over 100 outreach events, we became fixtures in communities across the state, speaking to residents one-on-one about their new opportunity to obtain affordable health coverage, many for the first time. Further demographic targeting was accomplished through events such as our “Healthy Buzz” mobile coffee shops, which visited community colleges around the state, where researched showed that students were disproportionately uninsured.

At fairs and festivals, pop-up stores and sporting events, we made sure that uninsured or underinsured Kentuckians got the real story on the Affordable Care Act, knew its benefits and made a positive connection with kynect.

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