Maker’s Mark

The Challenge: Regardless of how popular Maker’s Mark may be all over the world, the brand Doe-Anderson helped build never wants to lose the special connection it has with its central Kentucky roots and the loyal fan base in the Bluegrass State that has remained at the core of the bourbon’s phenomenal success.


The Solution

Being an involved, supportive corporate citizen has always been part of Maker’s Mark’s DNA. As a means of making that support tangible – and to provide a fund-raising mechanism for a variety of charitable causes throughout Kentucky – Doe-Anderson designs commemorative bottles of Maker’s Mark for select organizations. The bottles are sold or auctioned with the proceeds going directly to these worthy causes. Not only are the bottles sought-after collectibles on their own, the agency also orchestrates highly visible, heavily attended events surrounding the release of each bottle to draw attention and dollars to the effort.

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